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The Heart of Customized Facial Treatments

At Wake Skincare, we’re excited to help your skin look its absolute best! If you’re dealing with issues like wrinkles, thinning skin, age spots, uneven skin tone, dry areas, or acne, we’re here to enhance your skin’s health and restore its natural radiance.

Our founder, Jacqueline Grace, is deeply passionate about making people feel and look beautiful. Her skincare journey led her to Wake Forest, North Carolina, where she opened a luxurious facial spa, inspired by her training and mentorship under Maria of Italian Skincare. When Maria returned to Rome, Jacqueline took over, evolving the spa into what is now Wake Skincare, celebrated for its specialized treatments that leave your skin glowing. In addition to our skin treatments, we offer other beauty services like lash lifts, eyebrow tinting, and comprehensive facial waxing.

We tailor our treatments to fit your specific needs, offering both holistic, natural solutions and cutting-edge, medical-grade facial treatments. We welcome you to join us for an initial consultation to discuss your skincare concerns and how our wide range of treatments can help achieve your beauty aspirations. We’ll focus on understanding your skin type, your goals, and guide you through the various treatments we offer.

We take pride in helping our clients reveal their natural beauty and are eager to do the same for you. Book your first appointment today to visit us, and let’s start your journey to rejuvenate and beautify your skin together.

Your Skin's Trustworthy Partner

Personalized Skincare Regimes

Enter a skincare experience designed just for you, focusing on everything from acne to age spots, and find treatments that make your skin look healthy and full of life.

Expertise in Beauty Treatments

Guided by Jacqueline Grace's innovative leadership and supported by Dr. Joel Hummel's medical knowledge, explore a range of treatments that combine natural, cosmeceutical, and medical-grade approaches.

Signature Facials & Services

Enjoy our special services like the refreshing HydraFacial and Dermaplaning, along with a variety of deep treatments like the Age-Friendly Oxygenating Treatment and Filler Facials.

Comprehensive Consultations

At Wake Skincare, your skincare adventure starts with a thorough consultation, making sure the treatments we choose align perfectly with your skin's needs and your beauty objectives.

Dr. Joel Hummel, Medical Director

Dr. Joseph Hummel is the owner and overseeing physician at Wake Skincare Medical Aesthetics.

His primary objective is to deliver top-notch, personalized medical care to individuals dedicated to exceptional well-being. Dr. Hummel establishes a distinct patient-physician relationship, utilizing customized hormone and nutritional supplementation, combined with tailored lifestyle adjustments, to optimize his patients’ health.

As a former collegiate athlete and a devoted husband and father, Dr. Hummel understands the significance of operating at one’s best and attaining peak vitality.

Dr. Hummel earned his undergraduate degree at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1998, where he achieved national recognition as a heavyweight wrestler for the Tar Heels. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill Medical School, earning the 1998 Salber-Phillips Award for Care for the Aging. Joseph completed his Family Medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic and holds board certification with a clinical focus on anti-aging medicine and medical informatics.

Since 2006, he has practiced emergency medicine in various emergency departments in North Carolina and Texas, providing care to over 70,000 patients. Dr. Hummel currently serves as the Assistant Medical Director of Lenoir Hospital’s Emergency Department and has received the Physician of the Year award in 2009, 2012, 2014, and 2015.

Dr. Hummel and his wife, Shelly, along with their daughter Sophia, reside in Wake Forest, NC. They actively participate in Hope Lutheran Church, with Joseph serving as congregational chair and as the medical director for “Touched by Hope” and “Night to Shine.” The Hummels also own a 67-acre farm in Louisburg, NC, where they raise chickens, goats, tilapia, and cattle, in addition to managing an orchard, garden, and a 60+ kilowatt solar field.

Raven Johnson

Raven is a seasoned Medical Aesthetician with 5 years of experience, offering personalized medical aesthetic procedures tailored to her patients’ unique needs. Her journey into the world of aesthetics began during her career as a Makeup Artist, where she developed a deep passion for skincare. She firmly believes that flawless makeup starts with healthy skin!

Raven takes pride in creating custom treatments suitable for all skin types, with a special focus on addressing common concerns like acne, texture issues, and hyperpigmentation. In addition to providing expert treatments, she places great importance on educating her clients about the steps required to achieve optimal skin health and recommends effective at-home skincare routines. Some of her favorite procedures include HydraFacials, Extractions, Dermaplaning, and Micro-needling.

When Raven isn’t at Wake Skincare, you can find her enjoying a game of tennis with her friends or indulging in some retail therapy.