What is the JLo HydraFacial?

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If there’s one word we’d use to describe Jennifer Lopez (affectionately known as JLo by her adoring fans) it would be “glow”. The superstar is beloved for her radiant beauty, so it comes as no surprise that she has expanded her brand to include skincare. In the fall of 2022, Lopez announced that she was partnering with HydraFacial, one of the most beloved facial treatments in the world. The revolutionary treatment is called the JLo Beauty Booster, and the two forces joining together are like a match made in skincare heaven! Wake Skin Care is delighted to offer this amazing treatment, and we’re beyond impressed by the results it provides.
What is the JLo HydraFacial? What does it entail? Let’s jump in and find out.

What is HydraFacial?

In order to understand what the JLo HydraFacial is, it’s first important to understand what HydraFacial is. In a nutshell, this advanced facial retirement is a form of hydro microdermabrasion. In other words, pressurized water is used in lieu of the lasers or the abrasive materials that are used in traditional forms of microdermabrasion treatments, to resurface the skin.
First, the outer layer of the skin is cleansed and exfoliated with jets of water to remove accumulated dead skin cells and oils. Next, a chemical solution is applied to loosen debris trapped inside the pores, further cleansing the skin. Then, a patented wand is used to remove any remaining impurities from the pores and the surface of the skin. Finally, the patented wand is used to infuse the skin with ingredients that hydrate and reawaken the skin and restore its youthful radiance.
HydraFacial treatments are completely customizable and can target specific parts of the face, such as the delicate eye area, the lips, and even the scalp. Personalized booster serums and LED light therapy can also be added to the treatment, further reducing the signs of aging.

What is the JLo HydraFacial?

The JLow HydraFacial takes the HydraFacial up a notch. This facial involves all the same steps as the HydraFacial, but the final step of the treatment features a special booster that was inspired by the hero product of the JLo Beauty line, That JLo Glow Serum.

This specially formulated ultra-lux serum is comprised of a variety of naturally sourced ingredients that work together to deliver the ultimate facial experience and simply amazing results. JLo Beauty’s patented olive leaf complex serum, which delivers long-lasting hydration and plumps the skin to slow the signs of aging, is one of the key ingredients in the booster used in the JLo HydraFacial. The addition of tri-fermented essence prompts the production of collagen to restore and support the skin, giving it a fresh, dewy-like glow. The serum also features a proprietary hydra-complex blend of extracts and acids that combine to nourish the skin and boost hydration. Finally, antioxidants protect and boost the suppleness and plumpness of the skin.
All of the ingredients used in the JLo Beauty Booster serum are globally sourced and, as you would expect from something that Jennifer Lopez would associate her name with, are ultra-high-quality.

What are the Results?

It comes as no surprise that the JLo HydraFacial delivers amazing results. In fact, a clinical study was conducted over an eight-week period to assess the effects of HydraFacial combined with the JLo Beauty Booster, and 100% of the study’s participants reported that their skin was more hydrated and that the texture was smoother, while 91% of participants stated that their skin felt firmer.

At Wake Skin Care, we’ve seen the results of the JLo HydraFacial in real-time, and we’re thrilled to say that they’re simply astounding. Our patients look younger and more radiant, their skin is smoother, and they have an amazing youthful glow. Not only are we impressed by the results, but more importantly, our patients are, too!

Treat Yourself to the JLo Glow Today!

If you’re interested in learning more about the transformative JLo HydraFacial or you’re ready to book an appointment to turn back the hands of time, contact Wake Skin Care. We’re looking forward to helping you restore your youthful glow and unleash your inner radiance. Give us a call today or stop by our welcoming and conveniently located Wake County facial spa.


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